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Koya Michelle Fitness

Let's jump off of the diet train together and start living a sustainable and balanced lifestyle. Over my years of being involved in health and fitness as a client, competitor and a woman I have witnessed countless women and experienced personally the frustration and unhappiness that following the latest diet trend most often leads to. 

Rebound weight gain, dissatisfaction, lack of results, feeling as though you are living without, unhealthy diets and on and on... Why don't we stop the madness and take an approach that is sustainable? Why don't we learn to live healthy lives, to be confident and fit and active in a balanced manner?

As an online fitness and health coach/trainer I provide customized training and/or nutrition programs for lifestyle and bikini competition prep clients that consist of the appropriate mix of strength, functional, reactive, and cardio that will allow you to reach your goals, but most importantly my approach to nutrition is macro based and metabolism focused . What does that mean? It means balance. It means that no food group is off the table,  and focusing on your body operating as efficiently s possible. Our workouts can be designed to be done at home, or at the gym.

Make an investment in yourself today - you're worth it and I would love to partner with you on your journey!

Let's walk this journey together and we will focus on progress, sustainability, self-love, patience, good habits, education, self-awareness, consistency and fun and in doing so we will reach our destination in a much more enjoyable manner and we will realize lasting results. 


About  Koya  

Koya has been an athlete from a very young age. She has always enjoyed being active, pursuing self-discovery, personal development and growth and empowering and helping other women in her communities online and locally.

Her athletic career began early in life and includes years of playing softball and cheer-leading. Her passion for and interest in health and fitness continued through her college years as she started spending more and more time in the gym. It was here where she found her passion, transforming bodies and strengthening minds and she eventually turned her focus to personal and online training professionally. Her desire to connect with and to help others is what drives her. To increase her ability to effectively assist her clients, she later pursued professional education and became a NASM CPT.

Koya is committed to helping her clients achieve their fitness goals safely and efficiently. She believes in the connection between mind, body, and spirit and knows from personal experience along her journey in life that loving self, and developing healthy habits can be a launch pad for truly living your best life. She believes in a life of balance, perfect imperfection, vitality, health and fitness.

She feels most aligned when she is making a positive impact on others. She loves empowering her clients. She truly enjoys witnessing her client’s lives change and she loves partnering with them as they take steps towards living a life filled with health, fitness and vitality. The mind and the body are without a doubt connected. She is often am blessed to witness clients experience massive shifts in their life as the positive changes, confidence and mental strength they have gained from living a healthier lifestyle bleed into other areas of their lives. 

NPC/IFBB Contest Placings

  • 2016 NPC Ironman - 1st Place and Overall winner in Bikini, Novice Bikini and Novice Figure 
  • 2016 NPC Northern Classic - 1st Place Bikini and Overall Runner-Up Bikini
  • 2016 Northwest Championships - 1st Place Bikini and Overall Bikini Champion 
  • 2017 Emerald Cup - 1st Place Bikini and Overall Bikini Champion
  • 2017 California State Championships - 1st Place Bikini and Overall Bikini Champion
  • 2017 IFBB Iron Games Pro - 14/30+ Bikini Pro
  • 2017 IFBB Sacramento Pro - 16/30+ Bikini Pro 
  • 2018 IFBB Patriot's Pro - 16/20+ Bikini Pro 

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