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Learn to live a sustainable & balanced fitness lifestyle​

Online Coaching

Personalized lifestyle training programs created for and tailored to your goals, lifestyle, fitness level and needs. 

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1:1 & Group Training  

In-person 60 minute training sessions. Personalized lifestyle training programs created for and tailored to your goals, lifestyle, fitness level and needs. 

Program Options:

  • 1:1 Training
  • 3:1 Training
  • 6+:1 Training 

Sessions can be purchased in groups of no less than 3.

 Group Fitness Classes

High intensity circuit training, strength and cardio included in a 60 minute class filled with fun and fat burning and muscle building! Offered at Subdivisions, and Apartment communities in the Scottsdale and Central Phoenix area. 

" Legs have always been an important part of my training. A few months ago, I started working with a trainer @koyamichelle_fit to take my leg workouts to the next level. I am doing 2 sessions a week with Koya, and I could not be happier with the results. 

Koya has taught me a lot, pushed my limits, and is always patient and accommodating when I'm being a pain. She also does online training & nutrition programs, and she has my highest recommendation."

Customized. Trust. Flexibility.

"When I first started looking for a trainer I knew I didn't have to look far. I have been following Koya for 4 years and have been impressed by her accomplishments. I knew she would understand what it would take to get me where I wanted. I believe if you want success, then have someone who is successful lead you. I didn't really want another cookie cutter program. She tailored everything to my needs. She did it all. The weekly check ins kept me accountable. And she was amazing at adjusting as my needs changed. I began to see results fast. She was also very supportive not just on line but in person or on the phone.Can't wait to see what the future holds now Thanks Koya! Luv ya"

6 week progress 


8 week glute progress

“With the help of Koya my pursuit of fitness went from casual and unproductive to determined and focused...She helped me with understanding how to properly fuel my body and get the most of out my workouts. Thanks to her I now feel confident...”

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